National Restaurant Association Show 2022

NRA 2022--it's back and it's better!

Michelle represented Hickory Industries, Inc., at the NRA in McCormick Place, Chicago, IL May 21-24, 2022. 

Back after a two-year hiatus, the National Restaurant Association, NRA, shined as restaurants, resellers, manufacturers, and everyone in between joined in the Second City for a 4-day long weekend of amazing food and beverages, new shiny equipment, and, of course, mingling. 

Michelle was at the show as a non-exhibiting supplier shaking hands with many big players in the food industry as she proudly wore "Hickory Industries, Inc" on the nametag around her neck. A few notable encounters include meeting PartsTown representatives who were very hospitable and gave a tour of their high-tech facilities in Addison, IL; meeting a few CEOs of national chains for dinner; and learning about other manufacturers who are also made-in-the-USA. 

As this was Michelle's first NRA show, the intention was to watch and learn-- hey, soon enough Hickory will have a booth again!


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