What's New, Old Hickory?

2022 has blessed us with new ideas and many of those yearn to propel Old Hickory into the new market that is all digital and technical.


Our goals always revolve around making the customer experience that much simpler!

We are in the age of information, and all of it is reachable at a moment's notice. Instead of forcing customers and technicians to call our offices for spec sheets and parts identification, we figured we would put it all on our website, as user and device friendly as possible! We understand service technicians or newly minted restauranteurs are on the road and may be using their phones to look at diagrams, and we at Hickory want to make that experience easier. Important Machine Specs at Moment's Notice

With the help of Shopify's e-commerce platform, we are able to have all things Hickory easily accessible as well as parts sales for our end-users that include images for easy identification, machine specs seen in one second, and simple check-out with record breaking turn around times.

Time to Fulfill: 1 hour 12 minutes average

Shopify calculates all this data: from the moment the parts order is placed, to the time the item is packed and ready to be picked up by our carrier, it takes us about an hour to fulfil entirely. And fear not, parts are most of the time in stock since we are manufacturing right here in New Jersey!  


Aside from our plunge into the E-commerce world and accessible information, we are also making our partners known to the public for transparency and accessibility. Need a service technician to fix your machine? Don't know who to call to ensure this small problem doesn't become a larger one? We are now adding our service partners onto a public map that can be displayed for use whenever a kitchen emergency arises! 


We are manufacturers and make great products; we want to continue being manufacturers and making great products.

Leaving the selling and distributing of our machines and parts to the sales people is part of our plan. Outreach to platforms that can sell our product to a greater breadth of customers is our aim. As online sales continue to bolster, especially in the time of COVID-19 and it's limitations, we are willing and able to move with the times. 


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