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Our local, national and international dealers and distributors have handled Hickory sales for many years and have the answers to all your questions!



Our network for dealers and distributors most times have service wings and if not, they know who to call if you ever need repairs


Best Prices

Your salesperson will give you the best bang for your buck and ensure you are properly cared for as a client


Accessibility and Convenience

With many dealers and distributors around, they are equipped to assist you with your needs--do you need someone with experience in a certain cuisine? Do you need assistance in a certain language? 


National Distributors & Dealers

INTerNational Distributors and Dealers

Dealers Are Your Sidekicks!

Dealer/Distributor Support

Hello Dealers, please find all our marketing material when you press "DISCOVER NOW". From brochures in different languages to PowerPoint presentations, this will help you be best prepared to answer any questions your customers may have!


Your Expert Guidance For Your Cooking

Rotisserie History!

Jan 06, 2023 Cortney McLain

Rotisserie cooking has long been a popular method for preparing spit-roasted meats

New PARTnership

Oct 04, 2022 Michelle Megala

We teamed up with PartsTown to provide top technical support to all our customers!

National Restaurant Association Show 2022

Jun 13, 2022 Michelle Megala

Old Hickory back at the NRA Show 2022!

Our Happy Hickory Customers

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Of all of the commercial rotisseries machines we sell, Old Hickory makes the best bar none. They are built like tanks, will last decades, and our customers are never disappointed. When you see an Old Hickory up close you can immediately see the difference. Heavier gauge steel, thicker glass, stronger welds, more thoughtful design. They are just built better. 

Steve, KitchenAll

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Under Construction


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Under Construction

Under, Construction

Why Hickory?

Thick, wide hip belt

When carrying heavy loads, an effective hip belt can stabilize the pack on your body and also handle load distribution.

Water Bottle Pockets

Most regular backpacks don’t have water bottle pockets. Don’t let dehydration interfere with your journey.

Reliable 24 Hour Service

We understand your oven needs to be in tip-top shape ready for anything and that is why we are working to ensure that anywhere you may be with your Hickory oven, there will be a technician available any time.