Featured Machine: N/7G and N/7E

Chicken Capacity

28-35 chickens

Continuous Cooking

All day cooking


Large glass display

Individual Burner

Local flame, greater cooking control

Rotating Spits

Fully cooked birds


National and international available


Ex. N/7E, N/3GS, N/14G

This style of oven is mostly used by fast-paced, smaller volume vendors. 

Putting an emphasis on a continuous production of chicken throughout the work day, its namesake ensures that you will not  run out of birds to feed all your hungry customers. All the while your cooks are preparing the chickens, the customers can endure taste-related hypnosis caused by the seemingly never-ending birds spinning on the vertical rods. 


Ex. N/6.5E, N/7.5G

At first look, the batch style cookers look like your typical old-school batch cookers. What makes our batch cookers unique are their longevity through repeated wear and tear. The life span on these units meet and exceedingly surpass your investment. 

This style of cooker is beneficial when you are looking to feed larger number of folks at a time, or in one "batch."

For every bird that go in at a time, there is an equal and opposite number that are ready --Newton's Third Law of physics, for rotisserie ovens, apparently. 


A grocer's secret weapon

The display warmer is the logical progression of chicken-making distribution when expanding your kitchen's repertoire. 

It is never a problem to make too many chickens as a result of a great demand for them. That being said, if you want to give your customers the option of grabbing some chicken to-go and not having to wait, this is your best bet. 

Many grocers choose to opt-out for the display warmer for its ability to enhance your Hickory™ oven's expanse.