About Us

Hickory Industries Inc. was established in 1946 and since that time has been manufacturing commercial rotisseries for the industrial market ranging from small mom and pop restaurants to big national chains.

It has been operating out of a 46,000 square foot facility in North Bergen, New Jersey since August of 1994. Hickory Industries was founded in 1946 by Mr. Martin Kalman and, under his direction, Hickory had produced products ranging from rotisseries and warmers to stainless steel work tables.

A new corporation was formed in October, 1978 which purchased the assets and the name of the old corporation. Hickory Industries was acquired by Steven Maroti, then President, and Aniko Heller, then Vice-president and Secretary.

More recently, in 2017 Mr. Ayman and his family purchased the company and he was the owner-operator along with his daughters and wife. 

Where to find our products?

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