125 Element 220V 2500W OEM
125 Element 220V 2500W OEM

125 Element 220V 2500W OEM

125 Element 220V 2500W

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Made in NJ

The important of using locally sourced manufacturers not only keeps your kitchen running smoothly but you are also strengthening your local economy

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Treat your machine with the right care and maintenence and it will reward you tenfold with amazingly cooked food and happy returning customers!

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OEM Products

Purchasing from the OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, ensures you purchase parts that are adequate for your equipment to work

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Piece of Mind

Consider Preventative Maintenence. Find our authorized service agents here and talk to them about Preventative Maintenence on your machine and see how much smoother your operations will be!


“...Old Hickory makes the best [machines] bar none..."

KitchenAll Management

"...The build quality on these things [N/7G] is fantastic..."

Chef Laurence at Left Bank

"The Golden Standard of Rotisserie Chicken"

Boston Market Management

I just wanted to say thanks because I've been shocked at how well my skin is reacting to your products

Jane White


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