Chicken Capacity 12 (for 2.5lb birds) • 9 (for 4lb birds)
Cooking Type: Continuous
Cooking Time: 30 minutes, per one pound of chicken
Dimensions: Width 39 11 /16” Depth 25 1/4” Height 50 1/8”
Clearance: 6” from side walls • 6” from rear walls

Hickory's Model 3 is perfect for small to medium-sized retailers with
limited capacity requirements. The small frame and large
merchandising area provide limitless profit opportunities. The unit
features 3 spits with a capacity of 15 chickens per hour. The Models
3ES and 3GS are slightly shorter and narrower than the Model 3.
These models allow the placement of the unit directly on the countertop.
The "S" models feature three spits and a 9 to 12 chicken per hour


All of Hickory's vertical rotisseries offer the choice of "batch" or "continuous cook" roasting. In continuous cooking, the unit is loaded from bottom to top, and then unloaded from top to bottom, providing the lowest spit with the most cooking time.

Hickory's "continuous cook" process is the most reliable method to deliver freshly cooked products to the consumer. The spits are loaded from top to bottom. Since heat's natural tendency is to rise, the top spit finishes cooking first and is removed. Each successive spit is then moved upwards in one position, and an uncooked spit is added to the bottom of the rotisserie. The retailer can now deliver freshly cooked and
delicious product to each customer, because the "continuous cook" methodology allows the rotisserie's production to correspond to demand.


Hickory's gas-fired rotisseries feature uniquely designed ceramic radiants which yield a truer barbecue appearance and taste. The self-merchandising, eye-catching display of rotating and roasting products is visible through large glass doors and stimulates consumer appetites to generate increased impulse sales.
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Made In America

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1 Year Warranty

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