N/7.5E (Electric option)

Hickory's Model 7.5 rotisserie is our largest single-batch cooking model and has been designed with a merchandising characteristic. The 7.5 is the right application for those restaurants and prepared food establishments that want to highlight their freshly prepared rotisserie products. The double rotational planetary drive system assures the utmost product quality. Double pane glass provides cooler glass
surfaces for operator safety. Programmable controls have 12 programs and automatic cook and hold features. An optional meat probe is available to
measure internal product temperature. Hickory offers nonstick surfaces on drive, wheel covers, angle spits and baskets. The 7.5 can be manufactured with colored side boxes or all stainless steel.


The interior cooking area is fully illuminated. The 7.5 can accommodate 42 2-1/2 lb chickens per batch and cooks them to perfection in less than one hour.
Made in America

Made In America

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1 Year Warranty

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